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Ongoing Spanish Group:Non-members

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Ongoing Spanish Group For Adults-Non-members

Build your comprehension skills and attain native fluency! In this class you will expand your ability to converse in Spanish as you perfect your pronunciation and gain confidence while interacting with fellow students. 

Instructor: Maria Oliveira 

Day: Tuesdays

Time: 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Tuition: These continuing classes are $50.00 a month for members and $82.00 for non-members, fees payable on the first of each month. Materials are extra and may be purchased in class.

Location:  Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center
3150 Hilltop Mall Rd., Richmond, CA 94806
LOCAL: 510-223-3320
TOLL FREE: 877-251-8353

Driving directions to:
Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center

Register by mail: Registration Form

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What are Ongoing Language Learning Groups?

Ongoing Language Learning Groups differ from traditional classes in their duration, requirements, and goals. Classes meet once a week just like regular term classes, but they do not have an assigned end date, and, in fact, they continue meeting year-round.  In a traditional class, the goal is to achieve a specific measurement of information, which then leads to the next level. The ongoing classes strive for the same information, but they move at their own pace, and students progress through the levels as a group. New students can join the class at any time, but they must demonstrate that their language skills are at the same level as the existing group. At the Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center, Ongoing Groups are available and listed below, but new Ongoing Conversational Groups, from beginner to advanced levels, can be formed at any time. 

What's so special about Ongoing Language Learning Groups?

Students tell us they enjoy the camaraderie that develops in Ongoing Groups. The mutual support and team spirit encourages individual achievement; no one feels left behind, and no one gets left behind. Conversational skills are developed swiftly in Ongoing Groups, too. Under the guidance of the instructor, students practice together, making their lessons more interactive and effective. Furthermore, at the Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center, all classes are kept to 10 or fewer participants, which ensures that each and every student is supported in a steady progression towards fluency. 

Classes meet weekly and progress at their own rate. Students may join an Ongoing Group at any time if their language experience is at the current level of the group in session. Determination of the student's level is made by the teacher.

 For placement contact instructor at 510-223-3320.

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