Breaking Barriers in the Healthcare Industry by Learning Spanish

Healthcare professionals face challenges in helping their patients and the people they work with because of language barriers. Spanish-speaking individuals for instance are more comfortable communicating with healthcare professionals who use their native language.

This is why it is helpful to learn Spanish. Next to English, it is the most widely used language in the world. It will not only benefit you personally by allowing you to speak and interact with a larger group of people. It will also allow you to be more productive in your career.

1.  You can easily put patients at ease when you talk to them in the language that they are comfortable using. When Spanish-speaking individuals go to a hospital or a medical facility, they already feel worried, tense or frazzled. If they cannot easily communicate their medical concerns, they will feel even more anxious.

2.  Diagnosing and treating patients can be a lot simpler and easier if you know their medical history, the circumstances that led to their current condition, their symptoms, the medicine they have been taking, and other important information. If you have Hispanic Americans coming to your clinic with very little knowledge of English, you can put their fears to rest and provide treatment if you understand Spanish and can communicate with them comfortably.

3.  Spanish medical vocabulary is also something that you need to learn. Being technical in nature, you will need professional assistance in getting to know the different terms and how they are used, though you may already know them in your native language.

4.  Patients are not the only ones that you can gain pertinent information from. Your peers at the office or your Spanish-speaking work colleagues can also help you in your daily tasks at a hospital. Learning Spanish will allow you to establish camaraderie with the people in your office environment. You can then ask for their assistance so that you can better treat your patients.

Take Spanish lessons at our Online Language Center via zoom to further your career and make your job as a healthcare professional a lot easier. We offer Spanish classes customized to your needs. If you are working odd hours and have different shifts, you can also enroll in a self-study language program. As you gain command of a new language, you will enjoy communicating with your Spanish speaking patients by gaining their trust as well as a sense of personal fulfillment including also the opportunity to enhance your career portfolio.


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