Terms and Conditions

Payment Policy for Our Classes

  1. All class sessions are prepaid and are not refundable. (See #2 for exception to refund policy.)
  2. REFUNDS: Refunds are made only if the school cancels a class. Allow 10 days to process any refund due for a class cancelled by the school.
  3. RETURNED CHECKS: Any returned checks will be charged a $30.00 processing fee.
  4. MISSED APPOINTMENTS: Students may reschedule or cancel any appointment with 24 hours notice. Call 510-223-3320 or email maria@mariaoliveira.com to cancel or reschedule any appointment. Failure to notify us timely will result in a $35.00 charge.
  5. CLASS SAMPLE: We do everything possible to place students in the class most appropriate for their level of expertise. If you register for a class and still find it is not right for you we will help you find a better placement in our existing schedule of classes at no cost to you. If, despite this flexibility, you feel you must sample a class before signing up, you may attend the first class of any session, except Summer Session, at a cost of $25. This non-refundable fee is applicable to your tuition when you register for the entire course.
  6. TEXTBOOKS: May be purchased at the time of registration or on our secure shopping cart before the first day of class.
  7. CANCELLATIONS: The Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center reserves the right to cancel any class if deemed necessary. Prior to commencement of class, students will be given a full refund. In the event of cancellation after the commencement of class, the pro-rated portion of the unexpended tuition will be refunded. The pro-rated amount of refundable monies will be determined by the ratio of classes completed to the total number of classes in the scheduled program.
  8. SUBSTITUTION: The Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center reserves the right to assign substitute instructors whenever necessary.

How to Register

ONLINE ON OUR SECURE SHOPPING CART: Click on the button next to the class to register and pay via credit card or PayPal.