Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center

Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center is an alternative to the traditional classroom settings that are found in colleges and adult schools. Our mission is to offer low-cost, high-quality language learning opportunities for adults. At Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center, our comprehensive materials and classes appeal to a wide variety of learning styles. Small group classes, one-on-one tutoring, online courses, self-study workbooks, downloadable lessons, portable audio lessons, and specialty courses that focus on particular grammar usages are options that can be combined and alternated so that fluency develops quickly.

The teaching methods used at Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center are based on innovative adult learning concepts developed by Maria Oliveira, who has spent her professional life studying and improving techniques for second language acquisition. As a result, classes and materials build on each other so that progression through the levels is successful and quickly absorbed. Furthermore, programs are designed to be fun and supportive in a learning environment geared to build confidence and maintain enthusiasm.

Maria Oliveira also makes sure that students are exposed to the cultural influences that surround a language. Knowing more about the native speakers of any language adds interest and keeps the language relevant. Whether for travel, personal accomplishment, work requirements, or any other purpose, learning a second language at Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center will have you using basic phrases and sentences in a short time. Conversation, reading comprehension, and writing will follow as abilities increase.

We look forward to you becoming a participant and student at our unique Language Learning Center! Read what our students say about our school!

Maria Oliveira