Conversational Spanish Classes Live Via Zoom

Maria Oliveira’s Conversational Classes are now available Live via Zoom

When it come to learning Conversational Spanish people usually look at cost, convenience, and effectiveness. With these factors in mind, Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center offers the best language classes in the East Bay Area of San Francisco, and that’s really saying something! Because Spanish is the most popular language that people choose to learn, there is no shortage of schools and tutors offering Conversational Spanish. But Maria Oliveira’s classes have unique qualities that make them stand out from the crowd.

Affordable Conversational Spanish Classes Provide a Positive Learning Experience

If you are shopping around for a traditional class in Conversational Spanish, Portuguese you have probably discovered high prices, large classes in which the teacher hardly knows you, and rote lessons with no flexibility. Maria Oliveira offers language classes with a difference. For one thing, classes are designed for small groups, keeping to 10, or fewer, participants. This allows Maria’s accredited theories on adult learning to flourish as each student enjoys the personal attention they deserve. We all learn a little differently, and at varied paces, and smaller groups allow for these individual differences. No more giving up in frustration; you can ask questions and absorb the information quicker when your skills develop in the small group environment. And the cost really wraps up the package. Tuition is competitive with other organizations, and frequently the best you will find in the Bay Area. Given the efficiency of learning in a friendly, no-stress, small-group class, Maria offers superior learning at bargain prices.

Conversational Spanish, and other languages, is also available on a one-to-one basis. Private tutoring at Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center is often the method of choice for students who wish to achieve fluency in the quickest way possible. Tuition for these intensive lessons is per individual session.

Conversational Spanish Classes for All Skill Levels

Maria’s classes are presented in a 6-week format for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Classes are offered consecutively so that students can start at the beginning and proceed through the levels. Advanced classes feature readings, story telling, and conversations that go well beyond the polite greeting stage.

Another alternative style for learning Conversational Spanish is the Ongoing Class. These groups meet weekly on a continuing basis and tuition is monthly. The Ongoing Groups move quickly beyond the proscribed levels, with the progress of the group determining the curriculum. Entrance into one of these groups must be approved by the instructor since the level of the class must be met.

Finally, there are the Special Topic classes to round out a student’s Conversational Spanish program. Offered several times a year, these short, 2 to 4 hour classes, meet once or twice and are focused on single grammatical constructions, such as the difference between Por and Para, Direct and Indirect Pronouns, and many other topics that might need a deeper examination.

With the wide variety of classes offered at Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center there is bound to be a class for you. All our classes are now offered Live via Zoom.

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