Customized Language Classes and Workshops at Your Location

Maria Oliveira Language Learning Online Center


We design and administer customized workshops and seminars for a variety of professional groups; Spanish for social services, medical, public safety, and merchant personnel are among our most frequently requested programs. Tailored to your specific needs, our seminars improve on-the-job communications, particularly when interacting with Spanish-speaking customers, clients, and patients. At our classrooms in Richmond, CA, or on-site at your chosen location, we are pleased to provide the best Spanish language training available. With teachers who are experienced in assisting adult learners using materials developed from in-the-field professionals, our classes are uniquely designed for successful customer service and assistance. 

Law Enforcement Personnel

If your staff interacts with a Spanish-speaking public on the phone or face-to-face, we can help with customized instruction to meet your needs. Our seminars cut straight to the point by offering words, phrases, commands, requests, and questions that are unique to any workplace or on-the-street situation. Our established classes for Law Enforcement Personnel are relevant and effective, and we will come to your site at times that best suit your schedule. Whether you need to express simple commands or more complex statements, we offer language skills for quick learning. Our special Spanish language seminars for Law Enforcement staff are not complete conversational Spanish language courses, but they can be! Tell us what you need, and we will provide the training. Experience improved community relationships by using meaningful and culturally sensitive Spanish expressions.

Corporate Training for Social Service Providers

Social Services Providers frequently attempt to fill the needs of a large community challenged by language difficulties. If your staff needs to ask questions, give advice, make a referral, set an appointment, or participate in any interaction with Spanish-speaking clients, don't let language barriers stand in their way. Personnel can learn to use specific words and phrases that will improve communications well before the assigned interpreter can be notified.  Imagine your clerical staff being able to transfer phone calls, direct clients to appropriate offices, obtain demographic information, or simply express what time the Social Worker will arrive. Think of your professional staff asking about income, medical conditions, or childcare needs and understanding the answers! Spanish is not the only language we offer, but it is the most frequently requested class. We will come to your location for on-site instruction at times convenient to your schedule. Subject matter is specific to Social Services situations but can be enlarged for deeper language learning upon request.

Corporate Training for Medical Professionals

You want to help, but the words get in the way! That's the frustration of English-speaking Medical Professionals who interact with Spanish-speaking clients on a regular basis. We can help you improve this situation in your office or department. Our specialized Spanish seminars feature the words and phrases necessary for getting the work done. From obtaining demographic information to setting new appointments to understanding symptoms or providing prescriptions, learning to use specific Spanish language skills will break down barriers and create an accommodating environment for Spanish-speaking clients. Students in the medical field have told us how helpful it is for them to be able to name body parts, symptoms, numbers, and follow-up information. Our on-site seminars can be adjusted for any job-specific requirement, and we will arrange time and place to suit your office needs.

These workshops/seminars include language instructions and/or cultural presentations.