Spanish Vocabulary for Elementary School Teachers

spanish for teachers

Spanish for teachers is an incredibly helpful tool for teachers when working with new English-learning elementary school students. Sometimes the right Spanish word or phrase can get you past the frustration of pointing and gesturing to express your ideas. New students can be frightened in a world that does not speak their language, and even students who speak a few English words can be confused by statements made by instructions they don’t understand; why not put the children at ease and help them feel welcome by speaking Spanish to them? Why not make the situation easier for yourself, as well! And don’t forget the Spanish-speaking parents; how will you address learning or behavior issues at the parent-teacher conference?


Is Conversational Spanish Required in the Classroom?

There is nothing better than learning Conversational Spanish so teachers can have a broad Spanish vocabulary and complete knowledge of the grammar. But when you are teaching you need help in the moment, not months later after you’ve studied in an adult classroom to become conversant in Spanish. An alternative to a Conversational Spanish study program, which can also be used as a stop-gap while you take those Spanish classes, is a resource that provides Spanish phrases and sentences that are necessary for communication in the school environment right now. With such assistance you can learn those much needed Spanish expressions to help you in the playground, in the classroom, and when you need to speak with the parents.

Spanish for Elementary School Teachers and Staff

Learn to Speak SpanishOur Spanish for Elementary School Teachers and Staff program is unique and effective because all the material comes from practical, real situations as reported to us by teachers we interviewed. Elementary school staff will also find familiar moments having to do with registration, school procedures, bus rules, and other vital matters. Teachers in our seminars addressed their most important and problematic needs when addressing Spanish-speaking students and their parents. You can be polite and say hello in Spanish, but how will you tell a Spanish-speaking mother that her child is always late? How can you tell a student you want him to use his English skills to participate in a discussion, or to correct his behavior and prevent injuries. This information, and a whole lot more, is in the Speaking Spanish in the Classroom program created by Maria Oliveira and designed for either individual study, or for use in a classroom with other teachers. Teachers and staff will recognize the wide variety of situations addressed in the material. You, too, can become more productive, less frustrated, and highly effective by learning those key Spanish words and phrases that you need. Check out the complete package of workbook and two CDs and begin to learn Spanish today!

Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center offers a wide variety of language classes in Spanish, Portuguese, and English via Zoom.

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