Spanish for Business Owners and Managers

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spanish for business owners

Spanish for Business Owners and Managers is Maria Oliveira’s newest class, a six hour program that begins every six weeks. In response to conversations with local community businesses, Maria designed this course to fill a specific Spanish language need in any operation that seeks to keep, and increase, its clientele. As the Spanish-speaking population grows, neighborhood business owners are wise to make new customers comfortable in their establishments, from insurance companies to grocers to booksellers, and more. The alternative is to lose customer traffic to other shops, offices, and restaurants that do utilize Spanish language skills.

How Much Spanish is Enough?

Using Spanish in commerce does not mean you have to be totally conversant in the language, although that would be a terrific goal for the long term. But for day-to-day interactions, the use of significant Spanish words and phrases will close any transaction. There are many benefits to this approach, all having the best outcome, which is increased sales and satisfied customers. For example, the use of polite expressions and the effort to understand the needs of Spanish-speakers will make any customer feel valued and respected. Often, the very attempt to communicate in another language will begin to build trust and appreciation. Specific topics like Spanish numbers allow you to clarify prices and deal with the exchange of money for products. Asking questions or providing answers relating to the merchandise you are selling will complete the sale and demonstrate your desire to meet the customer’s needs.

 Who Will Benefit from this Class?

Any business owner or manager will bring in more customers by learning Spanish words and phrases, and so will their staff members. But, that’s not all! Any student of Spanish can use this course to increase their vocabulary skills, develop conversational abilities, and practice correct pronunciation. Specialized areas like this one will expand language skills for students who wish to become authentically bilingual.

 When and Where is the Class?

Spanish for Business Owners and Managers is offered Live via Zoom. New dates will be available soon.

Classes are at Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center via Zoom

Plan now to increase your commercial success with Spanish-speaking customers!


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