Spanish Vocabulary and Phrases for Gardeners

spanish for grardeners

Spanish for Gardeners is a language-learning program with a purpose! Conversational Spanish is important and great to learn, but if you have a Spanish-speaking gardener you need to convey specific ideas and instructions to him or her in a clear and courteous manner. The Spanish-speaking gardener wants to know your choice of plants, your vision for your outdoor space, which tools are handy, and when you expect the job done. And when the gardener needs to tell you about drainage problems, or voice his opinion about the ivy that’s taking over the back fence, you need to be able to understand the words. Your Spanish-speaking gardener may be surprised when you speak Spanish, but he or she will definitely be impressed and pleased with your effort. You can improve your communication when you speak Spanish with your gardeners in several ways.


Quick Reference for Spanish Language Learning

The Spanish for Gardeners program can be used as a separate, stand-alone resource when you are speaking Spanish in the garden. Maria Oliveira’s program is handy for naming flowers, tools, plants, animals, and many other items that have to do with the garden and your Spanish-speaking employee. The study materials also include other parts of speech, such as Spanish verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions, so you can easily form sentences as well. Are you looking for a quick way to say, “Stop! That’s not a weed!” ¬†Then you will like the provided Spanish phrases and sentences because they are convenient and relevant to the tasks you need to reference. But keep in mind that even if you want only the Quick Reference function, you will also be learning as you go! You need a full study program when you learn to speak Spanish, but putting words into practice is a sure-fire way to absorb Spanish words and sentences. As with any Spanish language practice program, the more you use Spanish for Gardeners, the more you learn.

Learning Conversational Spanish

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Are you looking for a quick way to learn to speak Spanish? Sorry, but there really are no shortcuts. You can use Spanish for Gardeners as a Quick Reference, but, to express yourself fully in Spanish, you will need to learn Conversational Spanish, too. Vocabulary, grammar, and Spanish language practice are all vital components of any language learning program. This means that for full functionality with a Spanish-speaking person, whether they are in the garden or at the beach in Rincón de Guayabitos, you need more than a Quick Reference book; you need to become fluent. The Spanish for Gardeners language-learning program can help you move toward that goal. Although it focuses on a single topic, it is still a great addition to your ongoing Spanish studies because it broadens your Spanish vocabulary and also teaches you new expressions. When you use Maria Oliveira’s Spanish for Gardeners workbook you will refresh your knowledge of Spanish sentence constructions and gain additional practice in the form of exercises and puzzles. It’s a good deal as an adjunct to your ongoing studies, or as a stand-alone resource for any gardening project.


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